Message from the CEO of Pakgen

At Pakgen, corporate responsibility is not a program - it is about how we conduct business and about the overall impact we have on society and on the lives of the people we serve. Commitment to our communities has always been a hallmark of Pakgen. Bringing electricity to places that never had it before, working for the social good - these are often profound outcomes of our business. Providing electricity can radically improve the quality of life, especially in developing countries, and especially because Pakgen does so reliably, safely and responsibly.

A safe and reliable supply of electricity is a prerequisite for economic development, security and public welfare - and we take this responsibility seriously. We track and seek to continuously improve the safety and environmental performance of Pakgen business. We also support local community programs that tie into our business, such as building much needed health clinics, schools, bridges and passable roads in Muzaffargarfi. At Pakgen, we continually work to improve the environmental performance of our businesses. We implemented IS014001 - consistent Environmental Management System (EMS) incorporating internationally recognized environmental management procedures. Such initiatives are designed to continuously improve environmental performance at our businesses. Pakgen sells electricity to the Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) under 30-year power purchase agreements.

Mian Hassan Mansha
Pakgen Power Limited